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Metiche González
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Beer! The Musical! - Musicals In Real Life Episode 6

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Metiche González
Publicado en 25 Oct 2018 / En Cine y Animación

A seemingly spontaneous musical breaks out in a New York City beer hall, surprising patrons.
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Thank you to the NY State Brewers Association for making this possible! http://thinknydrinkny.com/

Special thanks to Houston Hall

Shout out to the YouTubers in this video!:

Created and Directed by: Charlie Todd
Written by: Scott Brown and Anthony King
Producers: Alan Aisenberg, Andrew Soltys
Associate Producer: Juan Cocuy
Production Manager: Dave Szarejko
Director of Photography: Justin Ayers
Camera: Alex Crowe, Sarah Harrison, Spencer Thielmann, Alex Gallitano, Christian Mortensen
Additional Hidden Camera: Ilya Smelansky
Sound Mixer: Harris Karlin
Editor: Alan Aisenberg
Still Photography: Arin Sang-urai (Photo credit for all photos on this page)
Production Assistants: Danny Behar, Alex Romanski, Jesse Savin, Zac Roland
Music Director: Micah Young
Special Thanks: Houston Hall, NY State Brewers Association
Starring: (in order of appearance) Eric Gersen, Jordan Myrick, Mark Douglas, Andrew Gregory, Carrie McCrossen, Anna Callegari, Jeremy Bent, John Fernandez, Sarah Gregory, Evan Gregory, Michael Gregory, Tucker Markus

This is one of over 100 different missions Improv Everywhere has executed over the past ten years in New York City. Others include Frozen Grand Central, the Food Court Musical, and the famous No Pants Subway Ride, to name a few. Visit our website to see tons of photos and video of all of our work, including behind the scenes information on how this video was made.


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Hasta la próxima

KARA Project Episode 1subesp
Metiche González
190 vistas